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Mindset training, nutrition counseling, along with XTeam* functional conditioning guided by a professionally certified personal coach is what makes Revolution different.

While most gyms offer the mere possibility of physical conditioning, we focus on mindset, nutrition, and conditioning in an environment of positive accountability and support. We know what it takes to get the results you want, and we’re here to help you make the transformation!

All of our programs include 2 or 3 prescheduled workouts led by a professional XTeam coach, appropriately personalized for you.  Each hour block includes key mindset training and nutrition tips along with our workout.  Every session will be different, following our uniquely developed method of constantly varied functional movement built upon the latest scientific research (we are NASM CPTs, aka trainer geeks – not muscle bags). We incorporate elements of traditional body-weight conditioning, free-weight training, olympic lifting, farm work, martial arts, yoga, track and field, and old fashioned fun (at least that’s what Chad keeps affirming to our sweating clients).

All of our XTeam members work with a personal trainer and receive 24hour access to the gym, a customized online nutrition plan, online tools, regular seminars, and continual results tracking.  That’s right, we have empirical data on our clients that proves our model works  (see, I told you we’re trainer geeks).  Beyond weight, measurement, and body-fat assessments, we track work output (recording your performance) so that over time you can see your progress.  You’ll look back and see how you’ve grown stronger, faster, and improved your skills.  This is results driven fitness.

Features in XTeam Programs

XTeam Elite Semi-Pro Pro
Client to Coach Ratio 10:1 6:1 3:1 1:1
# Coach led workouts per week 2 2-3 2-3 2-3+
Flexible Scheduling
Monthly Body Composition Analysis
Monthly 30-minute private coaching call
Nutrition Guidance
Readiness Application required
Attendance Policy
Periodized Training Regimen
XTeam Manual- Mindset, Nutrition, Workout, and Fat Loss
Premium content, tips, and support via closed FB group
Discounts for Zumba and VG
Transformation Classes/Seminars

XTeam Creed

The body follows the mind, so we ALWAYS train the mind first!
We embrace accountability
We reject enabling
We win because we encourage and empower someone else everyday
This is a lifestyle not a quick fix
Always stay the course, just keep going…no matter what.
Do it for the Team
The great individual is no match for the great team!


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